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HR/Career Development

Miche'Lynne is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years of combined experience in several areas of HR (Recruitment, Organizational Development, Employee Relations & Compliance).  Miche'Lynne has led teams as big as 25+ HR staff members servicing multiple areas within a corporate entity. While leading this team Miche'Lynne ensured that her organization remained the employer of choice through robust recruitment strategies and ensuring compliance standards were met at all times.

Miche'Lynne also enjoys teaching candidates how to successfully navigate their career search. A leader at heart, Miche'Lynne enjoys teaching career development skills that candidates can use each time they enter their job search. Her passion grew as she met with several candidates who did not know how to represent themselves, where to start regarding their search and no idea what their long-term career goals were, etc. Mock Interviews, Resume Review, Job Search Skills, Negotiation, are just a few of the offerings available. Miche'Lynne has hosted Career Events for teens that have given them the tools needed to enter the job market. 


Miche'Lynne is also an astute strategist. Miche'lynne's strategies have produced outstanding results for many corporate organizations. If you have a business goal and need someone experienced in strategy and goal execution please contact us!

Organizational Development

Miche'Lynne absolutely loves Organizational Development. Her experience in hosting team building, customer service, SWOT and leadership sessions will allow your team to work together cohesively and have progressive results!


*Due to the nature of work we perform our goal is to always practice confidentiality when working with our clients.  If you would like a direct reference please let your MKK BELL Consultant know and we will gladly provide you with an organization you can reach out to.  Listed below a statement from one of our clients which mirrors our feedback. 

We call MKK Bell Consulting " The Fixers!" They helped us pull a faltering HR department together in RECORD TIME. Michelynne, the firm's principal, handled our account with great fidelity and personally oversaw the departmental restructuring. As a result of MKK Bell's assistance, our HR department is shaping up to be a powerhouse department within our organization!  

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