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The Bridge......

It all started with a leap of faith to start walking across......



Career Development ~Strategy~ Organizational Development  

Let's Journey

Are you ready to walk into your dream job?  We hope so!  Before you start the journey it is very important that you prepare.  Our team will help you with job search strategies, preparation, and negotiations.  Our niche is career and goal planning for all generations.  We would love to partner with you regarding your next search and help you prepare to nail your next job interview.

Our Leader

Miche'Lynne ........

Career Development

Miche'Lynne is a Human Resources professional with over 10 years of experience teaching candidates how to successfully navigate their career search.  A leader at heart, Miche'Lynne enjoys teaching career development skills that candidates can use each time they enter their job search. Her passion grew as she met with several candidates who did not know how to represent themselves, where to start regarding their search and no idea what their long-term career goals were, etc.    Mock Interviews, Resume Review, Job Search Skills, Negotiation, are just a few of the offerings available.  Miche'lynne has hosted Career Events for teens that have given them the tools needed to enter the job market.  Your Career is important and should be purposed!


 Miche'lynne is also an astute strategist.  Miche'lynne's strategies have produced outstanding results for many corporate organizations.   If you have a business goal and need someone experienced in strategy and goal execution please contact us!

Organizational Development 

Miche'Lynne absolutely loves Organizational Development.  Her experience in hosting team building, customer service, SWOT and leadership sessions will allow your team to work cohesively and have progressive results!

What are our Clients Saying?


I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with my career search. Your coaching has helped me define my careers goals and open my eyes to many possibilities in the field of Human Resources. It's been a long time since I've had an interview. I appreciate the mock interviews. It has really prepared me for the next step.

MKK Bell Consultant produces Great Results!

I was hired within the same week of working with MKK Bell Consultants and

within 8 months I was promoted. MKK Bell Consultants continued professional coaching as

needed on learning how to approach my audience during presentations, learning the professional

way of working with Executive Management without fear, and maintaining a journal to ensure that

I focused on my daily task and remained consistent with my short and long term professional

goals. MKK Bell Consultants helped me cross the bridge from the break room to the board room

in a short period of time; not only am I a professional with a career I am also a small business


I recommend the services of this prestigious consulting firm to anyone with or without a career.

I needed help with my resume and did not know where to start.  My resume was all over the place and after I took it MKK Bell Consulting it was better organized and ready to be presented to hiring managers.  I was very impressed of the fast turn around and Michelynne also called me to coach me through my next steps!  I am very excited about my career search now because I know I will be presenting myself the way I should.

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